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Korean Folk Art
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Reeds and Geese

by Stephanie Lee | | 0 Comments

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Title Reeds and Geese
Date c. 1925
Artist Kim Jin-Woo, Korean, 1883 - 1950
Description Nine of the twelve panels of this screen contain a distinctive poetic reference to geese. According to the artist's inscription on the last panel, he gave the screen to an elderly friend as a gift. The Korean pronunciation of the characters for "reed" and "old man" are the same (no), as are the words for "geese" and "comfort" (ahn); thus, traditional Korean paintings of reeds and geese represent a wish for a peaceful life in later years.
Format Mounted as a twelve-fold screen
Medium Ink and color on silk

6 feet 4 inches x 12 feet 8 inches (193 x 386.1 cm)

Each end panel: 6 feet 4 inches x 16 1/8 inches (193 x 41 cm)

Each inner panel: 6 feet 4 inches x 12 inches (193 x 30.5 cm)

Classification Paintings
Credit Line Purchased with the Hollis Family Foundation Fund and the Henry B. Keep Fund, 2001
Source Philadelphia Museum of Art
Accession Number 2001-86-1
Geography Made in Korea, Asia