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Korean Folk Art
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About Us

We are amplifying and sharing the beauty of Korean Folk Art, Minhwa, to the world.

We provide:

• Online and onsite workshops & classes.

• Exhibitions for artist & the public to enjoy.

• Online resources for Korean art lovers.

• Platforms for artists to share & sell their products.

• Access to purchase traditional art materials.

What is Minhwa?

Korean Traditional Folk Art, Minhwa, is a colorful painting that was popular from the 17th to 19th centuries until the end of the Joseon era.

Many were painted by anonymous artists and shared among commoners to enrich the everyday lives of people in Korea.

Free from formal constraints, Minhwa expresses one's honest desire and good wishes for others in bright colors, humor, and hope.

While evoking profound empathy and familiarity in the observer, it is an invaluable part of Korea's cultural heritage.

Types of Minhwa & Symbols