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Korean Folk Art
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View of Nong'eun Villa from Yukgang Hill 육강현에서 본 농은당

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Title View of Nong'eun Villa from Yukgang Hill
육강현에서 본 농은당
Creator Jeong Seon (Korean, 1676 - 1759)
Date approx. 1740
Format Hanging scroll
Type Painting
Description This painting depicts a quiet estate in Seoul nestled among trees and mountains. A stream runs along the right side of the estate, which is encircled by double walls. Three men attended by a boy are enjoying the view from a hill in the foreground. This intimate view of a private villa was painted with soft washes and dark, wet brushstrokes.

This work belongs to a genre commonly known as “true view” landscape painting in Korea. Breaking away from the conventions of his predecessors, who painted imaginary, idealized landscapes, Jeong Seon traveled throughout the Korean peninsula painting real scenic places that had personal and cultural meaning. This painting is noteworthy as it demonstrates the artist’s emphasis on views from scenic overlooks in depicting real landscapes. According to the inscription written by Jeong’s friend, the painting depicts the Nong’eun Villa specifically viewed from Yukgang hill in Seoul. Jeong signed the painting with his pen name, Gyeomjae, and included two square intaglio seals reading “Jeong” and “Seon.”

Credit Line Acquisition made possible by Dr. and Mrs. David Buchanan
Right Asian Art Museum of Sanfrancisco
Accession Number 2000.42
Period Joseon dynasty (1392-1910)
Culture Korean
Place Associated Korea
Medium Ink and colors on silk
H. 11 1/2 in x W. 11 1/4 in, H. 29.2 cm x D. 28.6 cm (image); H. 42 1/4 in x W. 17 3/4 in, H. 107.3 cm x W. 45.1 cm (overall)