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Korean Folk Art
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[Jun 17 - Sep 10] Minhwa: Chaekgeori... De la beauté des livres 민화: 책거리, 책은 한껏 아름다워라 / Centre Culturel Coréen, 프랑스한국문화원, Paris, France

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Title Minhwa: Chaekgeori... De la beauté des livres
민화: 책거리, 책은 한껏 아름다워라
Date June 17 - September 10, 2021
Organization Centre Culturel Coréen, 프랑스한국문화원
Location Paris, France
Description Exhibition of 47 Korean artists today
“Many believe that still life is exclusive to Western painting.
However, this pictorial genre was also popular under the Joseon dynasty in Korea, with, among other themes, that of the book.
Various still lifes have been depicted in many countries around the world, but those depicting books are among the rarest.
In Korea, the word "book" (chaek) is used in the name of chaekgeori, a style of still life representing works and various objects related to writing, in the form of porcelain, bronze, stationery or decorative objects. 'other common objects, harmoniously associated with natural elements such as fruits, plants, animals and many others.
Professor Byung-mo CHUNG
It is with these few introductory words that the new exhibition of the Korean Cultural Center opens, "chaekgeori ... of the beauty of books". New in France, it is at the heart of the minhwa style. An integral part of Korea's cultural heritage, it means "folk painting" and has its roots in the daily life of the poorest Koreans from the late 18th century to the first half of the 20th century. Playing with class differences, minhwa painting has undeniably won the challenge of being appreciated by everyone, from the royal court to the poorest neighborhoods. This pictorial style continues to convey the passion that drives specialized artists, still very numerous today.
High in color and willingly enhanced with a good dose of humor, minhwa painting is most often made up of floral and animal representations - most often tigers, magpies, peonies and lotuses - but also human and symbolic. This folk art includes chaekgeori or chaekgado, screen paintings depicting books and various accessories used by scholars of ancient Korea. Particularly appreciated by King Jeongjo (22nd King of Korea who reigned during the 18th century), the chaekgado style then crossed social classes to become a genre highly prized by common people. Thus, by becoming popular, books and objects of calligraphy gave way to paintings highlighting flora and fauna, subjects more loved by the more modest classes of Korean society of yesteryear. Several centuries old, the art of chaekgeori or chaekgado has remained both authentic and modern. New objects and more recent themes have been added throughout the story, allowing the genre to stay close to its time at all times.
These 'still lifes' of an unprecedented kind, depicting works and objects of calligraphy stacked with elegance, were chosen for the new exhibition "chaekgeori ... of the beauty of books", which will be held in Paris from June 17 to 10 September 2021 at the Korean Cultural Center.
47 Korean artists brought together by Professor Byung-mo CHUNG and passionate about minhwa painting will present their works inspired by the theme of chaekgeori, real snapshots of everyday life. Sometimes being faithful reproductions of existing paintings, sometimes modern reinterpretations, they give traditional popular painting a new appeal while proudly preserving its modest roots.
In addition, an educational program for children will be offered during the time of this exhibition. This will allow young audiences to discover traditional minhwa painting in a fun way.
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