Korean Folk Art
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CHAEKGEORI / 책거리 (Painting of Books and Stationery)

by Stephanie Lee | | 0 Comments

Chaekgeori contains images of piles of books, along with various objects that express an enthusiastic desire for knowledge and wisdom. The objects commonly include Four Treasures of the Study (paper, brush, ink stone, and ink stick) as well as flower vases, wine vessels, arrows, fans, eyeglasses, wooden sculptures of divine animals, musical instruments, garments, and flowers. They also contain a variety of fruits and vegetables that represent fertility and longevity, such as melons, peaches, cucumbers, pomegranates, and eggplants.

Chaekgeori is especially distinctive for its unusual perspective and image ratios, and unlike other types of minhwa that may feature more freedom of form, the chaekgado is often very high in technical uniformity and value.

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