Korean Folk Art
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Ch'aekkori Screen Scholars' Paraphernalia (Ch'aekkòri)

# Contents Title Ch'aekkori ScreenScholars' Paraphernalia (Ch'aekkòri) Date Mid- 19th century Artist Artist/maker unknown, Korean Description Korean literati of the...

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Painting of Scholar's Equipment

# Contents Title Painting of Scholar's Equipment Description This painting of a three-tiered bookshelf displays objects associated with blessings and...

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Scholars' accoutrements

# Contents Title Scholars' accoutrements Date approx. 1800-1900 Format Hanging scroll Type Painting Description The theme of scholars' accoutrements—articles often...

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Books and scholars’ possessions (chaekgeori)

# Contents Title Books and scholars’ possessions (chaekgeori) Artist Yi Eungrok (Korean, 1808-after 1874) Date approx. 1860-1874 Format Eight-panel folding...

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Scholar's Accouterments (冊巨里圖, 책거리도, Chaekgeorido)

# Contents Title Scholar's Accouterments (冊巨里圖, 책거리도, Chaekgeorido) Date late 19th century Creator Unknown Korean artist Format Eight-panel folding screen...

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Books and Scholar’s Objects (Chaekgeori)

# Contents Title Books and Scholar’s Objects (Chaekgeori) Date 19th century Creator Unidentified Korean artist Format Eight-panel folding screen Type...

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Munja-Chaekgeori Screen (Character-Books Screen)

# Contents Title Munja-Chaekgeori Screen (Character-Books Screen) Creator Unidentified Korean artist Format Eight-panel folding screen Type Painting and Drawings Medium...

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# Contents Title Chaekgeori책거리병풍 Subject Books, scholar's accouterments Creator Unidentified Korean artist Format Ink and color on paper Type Painting...

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