Korean Folk Art
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Paired Birds and Flowers

by Stephanie Lee | | 0 Comments

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Title Paired Birds and Flowers
Date Early 20th century
Creator Unknown Korean artist
Format Eight-panel folding screen
Type Painting

This charming screen illustrates paired birds amid flowering plants. The birds represent marital happiness and fidelity, while the flowers create a paradisiacal setting. Such screens were commonly used to decorate the women's quarters within traditional Korean households. Family of humble means would hire itinerant painters who rendered colorful, naive scenes such as those shown here, whereas wealthy families might employ professional painters whose style was much more precise and finished.

Credit Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Mark K. Kim
Source Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Accession Number 2000.269.1
Culture Korean
Geographic Origin Korea
Medium Pigment on cloth, wood, metal
H.61 x W.15-7/8 x D.5-3/8 in. (overall, closed)