Korean Folk Art
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Chrysanthemum and Butterfly

by Stephanie Lee | | 0 Comments

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Title Chrysanthemum and Butterfly
Author Painted by Hong Nakchoe (1735~1757), calligraphy by Hong Naksam (1734~1753) and Hong Nakseong (1718~1798)
Description This painting depicts two sprays of pink and yellow chrysanthemum flowers, butterflies, and a grasshopper. It was painted using diverse techniques and evokes a literati tone. Based on the verse “picking chrysanthemum under the east fence” in Twenty Poems After Drinking Wine (飮酒二十首, Ch. Yinjiu ershishou) by Tao Yuanming (陶淵明, 365–427), chrysanthemums came to represent a scholar living in seclusion. A literati painter Hong Naksam painted this painting and his elder brothers wrote the colophon on the painting.
Category Culture / Art - Letter & Paintings - Paintings - painting
Source National Museum of Korea.
Accession Number Deoksu 2483
Culture/Period Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910)
Materials Silk Fabric - Silk
61.2 × 39.2 cm